Detroit’s 1st Balloon & Party Store ! 13238 Fenkell Ave. Detroit, MI 48227 District 2 – Bethune Community

We purchased the $1,100 building and found out that it was scheduled for demolition ! Cathryn begin a mission to save the building and not let yet another unattended vacant lot in the community !! Cathryn went before City Council and advocated that the building has potential and that she would rehabilitate it. Cathryn quickly found out the extent of the immediate repairs and the cost and now the hustle had to match the vision and the quest begin !!! We literally be Bouncing Around The Motor City!!!!!!

BATMC works with several venues throughout Michigan to provide our services and products. We can provide a list of venues in areas that you are interested in or you can pick a location and inform us! BUT SOON VERY SOON WE WILL HAVE OUR OWN RETAIL STORE LOCATION, COMMUNITY RESOURCE AND 3000 SQ. FOOT VENUE.

We have purchased 13238 Fenkell Ave. Detroit, MI 48227 on the corner of Littlefield & Fenkell between Schaefer and Meyers and we are pleased to announce that through the contributions of Motor City Match, Operation Ten City, Black Leaders Detroit, TechTown, Inner City Capital Connections, grants and pitch competitions to rehabilitate the 26+ year vacant building into Detroit’s 1st Balloon Store !!! We also have purchased all of the neighboring vacant lots and have plans to have a community garden, outdoor venue rental and outdoor pop up space for other up and coming businesses!

. With your support amazingly we won 1st place in Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest at TechTown – a $100,000 Business Grant !