Our Future Brick & Mortar Location !

We have a building we purchased for $1,100 ! A over 26 year vacant beer and wine store – “Nunn’s” that we are rehabilitating into Detroit’s 1st Balloon & Party Rental retail brick and mortar store with a 3000 square foot rental venue. Here you can witness our steps from dream to vision to actualization.

13238 Fenkell Detroit, MI 48227

One of the beautiful community empowerment and revitalization aspect of our project is that our building was scheduled for demolition and Cathryn went before Detroit City Council and advocated to save the building and not have yet another vacant lot. Cathryn as a child remembers how Fenkell used to be a flourishing business avenue.

We are beyond proud and thankful to have accomplished Motor City Match cash award of $85,000 and the 2023 Comerica Hatch Detroit Techtown business contest securing $100,000 towards the rehab costs, along with other pitch competitions and grants. Cathryn unapologetically is committed to the Bethune Community and District 2.